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Monday, September 19, 2016

The first three photos show the aftermath of a large ice storm that hit Kirkville, Missouri on January 23, 1897.

 Robert & Ella (Shoop) Lorenz had this new home built during the summer and fall of 1896. The couple along with their children, and possibly a son-in-law, are standing among the ice-damaged trees on their front lawn after the January 23, 1897 ice storm.
The tremendous ice storm that hit Kirksville Saturday evening,
January 23, 1897, presented residents with, according to local papers,
“the severest touch of winter that has been felt for many years.”
Tree damage in the ice storm of January 23, 1897
 Richard Ringo, seated in the rocker on his front lawn, was cashier, then president, of Kirksville Savings Bank. The young ladies at the porch railing are their daughters, Eugenia & Althea.
 This home, known as the B.F. Heiny House, was rental property
until after the turn of the century. Joseph S. Conner and his family
were tenants in 1900 and the Heinys moved in sometime later.
Unidentified house


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