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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hour one blows open with half an hour of news and commentary from The Hagmann desk, live in-studio. At 7:30PM, Team Hagmann welcomes back frontline Pizzagate investigator, citizen journalist and YouTube phenom, Tara, aka Reality Calls. Tara will check in from London to update the viewers and listeners. Whereas I am tempted to summarize the breaking news that she will analyze with Doug and Joe, I will not. I will say that I have been slightly off emotionally since I was made aware of what is happening. Warning: this segment is for a mature audience.

You all know the killer opening barrage of synthesizer madness that indicates it is time to climb aboard Ark Midnight. Tonight, our second hour guest is none other than Mr. John B Wells who graciously agreed to pilot Ark Midnight directly over the Hagmann Studio. The Hagmann Report cordially welcomes Caravan To Midnight for a tag team of serious business. This will be a no joke discussion because John B intends to break news, directly from Sandy Hook Investigator, Wolfgang Halbig. Again, this writeup would hit much harder if I elaborate on my discussion with Wolfgang, an hour ago. But Wolfgang is in real deal danger and he specifically requested that John B Wells inform the public as to what is happening, right now, in real time. However I will say this: my hands and guts are chilled blue with what I was just told. I cannot put it any more bluntly folks, the future of our country is in peril and Wolfgang is facing extreme blowback. Extreme. Hour two tonight, John B Wells, Doug Hagmann and Joe Hagmann will pick this up. Wolfgang Halbig was originally scheduled as our hour two guest, but he is going dark from all public platforms. Friends, please accept what I write not as some lame attempt at being cliffhanger-coy. I am being cautious. You will understand why.

Hour three this evening: thank God (literally) that we are joined by Pastor David Lankford. When I was made aware of the aforementioned issue, the first call I made was to Pastor Lankford. The second was to John B's producer. The third was to Doug. Pastor Lankford will bring the only foolproof solution to this very difficult day and to a news cycle that I personally feel badly sharing and producing because I wish it would simply go away. But it isn't. And it won't. So we must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and Caravan To Midnight. And we cannot blink. Period.


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