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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On Tuesday, December 13th 2016, Kanye West travelled to Trump Tower to have a face to face meeting with President elect Donald Trump. Camera crews from a myriad of news agencies were in the lobby of Trump Tower, essentially camped out for the next celebrity to come and visit. News organizations from all over captured Kanye West with his recently blonde dyed low-cut hair arrive with a sizable entourage of business satellites and security. West and the aforementioned sea of people packed into an elevator and went up to meet with Trump for about 15 minutes. There were cameras in tow as well, but those cameras were held by Kanye’s people, not the news media. As of today, there hasn’t been any footage released of Kanye and Trump’s private meeting, if any exists.

Once the meeting was over, Kanye West and Donald Trump descended the elevator together and took a few seconds to stand before the news media. Trump said that Kanye is a good man and that they are good friends that simply talked about life. Kanye didn’t say much outside of the fact that he just wanted a picture. Trump and Kanye then depart with handshakes and hugs. Shortly thereafter, legendary former football players Jim Brown and Raw Lewis arrived at Trump Tower to have their own meeting with Trump. After the meeting, Brown and Lewis spoke to the media to essentially say that the meeting was not so much about politics as much as it was about trying to work with the new President in order to help the people of the country, which is a beautiful thing.

To some, these meetings will just be simple publicity stunts to help the parties involved. Whether it’s to sell books, get attention for a business venture, to raise capital, or for public relations purposes. At the end of the day, those opinions do not matter as the opinion of a person whose mind may change at the notion of a Trump presidency. In a positive way, of course. The series of meetings from prominent black celebrities may inspire other black celebrities and common everyday blacks to do better in their communities. To harken back to a time long gone when the black community was in a better state with solid families and more entrepreneurial spirit. It will not be an overnight thing, of course, but some progress is better than none. Some outreach and effort to fix the issue is better than non-action, which has been par for course to Democrat and Republican politicians alike over the years.


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