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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jeff Sessions and Ben Carson have sparked much conversation on social media and terrestrial airwaves over the past few days. Not because of Sessions’ stellar civil rights record as a Senator in Alabama. Not because of Ben Carson’s extraordinary record as a physician. But over allegations based mostly on fake news and outright racism from the left against them. The chief complaint about Jeff Sessions is that he is a racist while the chief complaint about Ben Carson is that he is incompetent. Imagine that. A man who has fought on behalf of civil rights for many, many years, a man who has been voted into office time and time again by a state with a high black population is somehow a racist? Then you have a man who is quite literally a “brain surgeon” with a flawless record of both public and private service being labeled as somehow intellectually inferior?

How did we get here? It seems to be quite simple and quite sad at the same time. The left is losing their ground. They see the tsunami of change headed in their direction and they are panicking. As of right now, they are engaging in futile attempt to nail everything to the floor to keep it from floating away. All of their power. All of their status. All of what they have built since Civil Rights of the 1960s as it relates to their “inclusive” brand is now shifting to the right.

All they can think of is trying the strategy that many have (erroneously) associated with the right, but has always been a stalwart of the left. Discredit brilliant people like Ben Carson by playing the race card in a negative way. Speak to the open and closeted racists on the left. Same thing with Jeff Sessions. Attempt some of the dirtiest tricks possible to gain a victory. 

Of course their strategy is a losing one but it matters not, from their perspective. It’s like a hail mary shot in the endzone when you’re down by 8 points. The chances of the pass connecting and also the very next play being a score for two points are slim to none, but at this point, it’s too late in the game to try anything else.


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