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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Marc Lamont Hill, a black academic and political commentator, labeled black celebrities that met with Donald Trump as “mediocre negroes” live on CNN during a talking heads segment featuring Don Lemon. Hill is a professor at Morehouse in Atlanta and an alum of Temple University in Philadelphia in addition to being a regular on CNN and other talking head style shows on cable news. Which is unfortunate, because he is able to develop a platform on which people take him seriously. He masquerades as an intellectual, an academic, but he is not much more than an SJW. A social justice warrior and a race soldier. 

Symone Sanders, who is also black and was on the aforementioned panel, basically parroted what Marc Lamont Hill said. Which is a problem because this type of thing happens all the time on TV. You get at least one or two black SJWs to get on a talking head show and present themselves as educated, well put together intellectuals, but in reality - they are simply race soldiers. They appear to be the best of us but they represent the worst of us. Outsiders of the black community can’t tell the difference and they tend to lump all black people in the same boat as them. 

Bruce LeVell was the other black person on the panel. Bruce is a member of Donald Trump’s diversity team. When he tried to speak up for Trump, the aforementioned blacks Sanders and Hill drowned him out. That’s the general thing that happens everywhere these types of conversations are given any type of spotlight. It just further entrenches stereotypes about blacks. If the black community wants to get respect as a whole, we cannot do this to ourselves. We can’t put down people like Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Bob Johnson, Steve Harvey, and others as simply “mediocre” when they have overcome large obstacles to make themselves be very successful, simply because they have a difference of opinion. 

In short - the attitudes of Symone Sanders and Marc Lamont Hill must perish in order for the black community to survive as anything beyond a permanent underclass.


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