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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Here are details to explain what I was saying on the call.
People are already thinking Trump Trump Trump on Friday
and we can "judo" them into the direction of 9/11 Truth,
by the principle of using their existing momentum.
We 9/11 Truthers won big league.  We have the first
9/11 Truther in Chief in the White House, who can
finally bring us a new investigation.  Now we can
focus on getting Donald to do it.
We can approach them with the words: "This is about
Trump, the first to question the 9/11 story on TV, and
a new investigation and justice for the families of the
victims who want to sue Saudi Arabia for their role."
It is good to think big, with big signs.  Yet we can also
"think small" and easily carry 100's of business cards.
People are more likely to accept and keep "mini-flyers".
The cards are updated to mention that Donald Trump
was the first to say on TV that explosives were used.
After giving 9/11 flyers to Donald at several rallies and
talking with Donald Junior in Iowa, they know 9/11 was
an inside job, and that Larry Silverstein was involved.
I have 2 tickets to the audience area on Friday morning.
On Thursday, I will be attending the Iowa Reception
and will give easy-to-carry business cards to
Senators Grassley and Ernst and Iowa Congressmen
Anyone, regardless of state, can to attend. They won't
be checking IDs. You can print the attached invitation
to carry in your pocket, just in case.
The idea behind approaching as a K Street association
is that politicians and their staff are already used to them.
So we can get in the door to give our message quicker.
If anyone wants cards to print out, let me know.
They are easy and inexpensive to print at home.
Anyone can be a member and there are no dues.

Or, you can make 9/11 Truth Action Project cards.
Rick Shaddock
Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness
1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006
202-540-9920 x3
202-449-9500 fax
559-546-1230 conference id: 571423
Lobbying Congress and Law Enforcement for a new 9/11 investigation


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