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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Two fake polls done by ABC/Washington Post and another done by CNN try to depict Donald Trump as the most unpopular president ever at the time of his inauguration.

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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on
Fake Polls Continue to Hammer Trump
Good morning, I’m still reporting on fake polls.
Only 50 hours until the pretender in chief departs the national stage, and frankly, America couldn’t be more relieved.
However, the legacy of the monster that put him where he was has not given up. They continue to pump out fake polls.
The latest is an ABC/Washington Post poll that ZeroHedge alerted us to late yesterday. It was all over the TV news last night. Even Fox ran the story and only rarely mentioned that there might be some doubt about the data.
Here’s the story the MSM went with all yesterday.
“Trump is far less popular than past presidents at the time of inauguration. Only 40% of 1005 adults sampled had a favorable impression of Donald Trump today, while 54% had an unfavorable impression.
This compared to President Obama, who, in 2009 at the time of his inauguration, had 79% of those sampled with a favorable impression, and only 18% with an unfavorable impression.
What they fail to mention is who was asked. If you ask all your friends if they approve of you, you are likely to get a pretty high “approve” number.
Well, the ABC/Wash Post poll was composed of 31% Democrats and only 23% Republicans. 37% of those polled called themselves “Independent”.
CNN came out with a very similar poll with very similar results on the same day! It’s true media miracles never cease! Imagine that; these two MSM polls backed each other up. Certainly, they must both be true!
Fortunately, we have people like ZeroHedge to alert us to the facts of the matter. Here is a graph of Party Identification over the last 24 years.
It shows that a proper sampling would be 33% Democrats, 29% Republicans, and 34% independents.
On top of that, there is something called “skews”. Pollsters can apply any skew that yields the outcome they want, and that is never talked about in a popular news story. 
All polls cost money to create. If a pollster is to stay in business for very long, they quickly learn ways to provide the purchaser of the poll with the results they expect.
Trump’s popularity gap is still so large that small over-sampling tricks won’t help much. But, where this does make a difference are in the later questions that don’t make the headlines.
“All in all, do you think Trump is treating the news media fairly, or unfairly?”
Of the Democrat-heavy sample, surprise, surprise, only 38% thought Trump was treating the MSM fairly while 57% thought he was being unfair to them.
However, when you turn the table, 49% thought the MSM was treating Trump fairly, while 47% thought the MSM was being unfair to Trump. A 6-8% sampling error makes a big difference in this question.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington.


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