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Saturday, January 14, 2017

On Friday, January 13 2017, Steve Harvey decided to visit Donald Trump at Trump Tower. During the brief interview after he descended the top of the tower once he exited the now-famous elevator, he said that both the Trump and Obama transition team invited him. The purpose of the meeting was to speak with Trump and also Ben Carson about urban renewal. Many African Americans including Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, and others, have already met with Trump to speak about the same thing. A President who is open and away from the traditional song and dance represents an opportunity for blacks in America to make something positive and different happen.

Many other blacks in America don’t see it that way. The average person in the black community has been conditioned to think one way and one way only. To them, just the sheer sight of Steve Harvey at Trump Tower is enough to label him as a coon, Uncle Tom, race traitor, Benedict Arnold, sellout, and more. Racially derogatory names and other basic insults towards blacks who do not adhere to all policies of the left are what they have been programmed to do. It has not always been this way.

In the period of time between 1870, when blacks got the right to vote, and 1965, when the Civil Rights movement happened, we voted more for conservatives than liberals. Our communities were much better of as a result. Not just because of our voting patterns, but because of our family and behavior patterns. Before the so-called civil rights movement, we had 80% two parent households, about a 75% less per-capita prison population, more entrepreneurship, and more happiness as a people. All of the aforementioned statistics are nearly the reverse now.

Democrats were the party of slavery, and some would argue that they have successfully re-enslaved black people. Not so much with physical chains, but by placing barriers on the mind. A symptom of that is by voting Democrat and adhering to all things Democrat regardless of what they are. Steve Harvey may not even be a Trump supporter, but he is able to look at things objectively and fulfill what he may see as a duty to his community to speak with administration to make things happen. If more in the black community took Harvey’s lead, we would be a much better place to be.


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